Hostel Information

Hostels have been around since the first one opened in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century to offer travelers affordable accommodation. Since then they have changed with the times although the basic concept is the same.

What Is a Hostel?

A hostel is lower priced accommodation, typically in shared rooms or dormitories and is often aimed at younger people travelling. There is typically a more sociable atmosphere at most hostels; not only will you probably be sharing a room but you will probably be mingling with other travelers in the dining room or kitchen, and often making your own meal too. Because the accommodation is a lot cheaper than a hotel or motel, you won't get extras or amenities such as room service, your own bath or shower, concierge service, a fitness centre or tea and coffee making facilities in your room. You are paying for a clean, comfortable room along with a shared bath or shower and sometimes basic meals. Many hostels are closed during the day, only opening in the evening, which helps them to keep the costs down. If you are looking for affordable accommodation in derry or other parts of Ireland, a hostel can be a perfect choice, but you shouldn't expect the same experience as a hotel will offer.

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Benefits Of a Hostel

Most people stay at a hostel to save money on the high cost of a hotel room, and their affordability has always been one of the biggest advantages. Although you can be any age and still stay at a hostel, they have traditionally appealed to younger travelers on a budget who simply can't afford to stay anywhere else. The YHA was established in 1930, with the first one opening in North Wales, and was originally founded 'to allow young people of limited means' to have access to the countryside. The lower rates of hostels make them the ideal solution for anyone looking for accommodation in London, one of the world's most expensive destinations. There are several YHA hostels centrally located, as well as other privately owned hotels, all offering reasonable accommodation at much lower rates than a hotel. A dormitory room at a central London YHA hostel starts at about 35 pounds a night, for example. It isn't just the lower price that appeals; hostels are more sociable environments because of the shared rooms and many travelers stay there specifically to meet others. Many hostels become unofficial meeting places for backpackers who can find a travel companion, and exchange travel information.

Changing With the Times

Although hostels still offer more basic accommodation than a hotel and with few of the amenities, many have changed over the last 100 years, and you can now find wi-fi, and family rooms that have a private bathroom and feel more like a hotel room. Some have a café, restaurant or bar as well as tourist information and luggage storage facilities. But the big appeal is still the price, and staying in a hostel allows you to visit even the priciest places in the world on a budget.